Since the reverse takeover completion in July of 2016, IDG Energy Investment has been mainly engaged in global energy assets investment and management through direct investments

  • 2016/07

  • 2017/01

  • 2017/07

  • 2017/09

  • 2018/01

  • 2018/02

  • 2018/06

  • 2018/12

  • Reverse takeover of "Shun Cheong Holdings Limited" (650.HK), predecessor of the Company, was completed, with HK$2.94 billion raised and previous hotel business disposed.

    Upon completion, the Company has acquired the Inner Mongolia oilfield asset.

  • The Company renamed as “IDG Energy Investment Group Limited”, and subsequently renamed as “IDG Energy Investment Limited”.

  • The Company invested in Jiangxi Jovo Energy Co. Ltd., China's first private LNG receiving terminal operator, marking the Company's first step into the entire natural gas value chain.

  • The Company completed an investment in a world-class shale oil block in Eagle Ford of the U.S.

  • The Company issued new shares to Foxconn and raised HK$1.49 billion. Foxconn became the 2nd largest shareholder with shareholding of approximately 24.37%.

  • The Company invested in one of the largest LNG export terminals under development in Canada.

  • The Company invested in one of the most viable LNG export terminals in the U.S. and continue to penetrate LNG value chain.

  • The Company made an investment by forming a joint venture to provide supply chain solutions of transporting LNG, specialized in LNG ISO container logistic services.