Since the reverse takeover completion in July of 2016, IDG Energy Investment has been mainly engaged in global energy assets investment and management through direct investments

  • 2016/07

  • 2018/01

  • 2021/03

  • 2021/12

  • 2022/04

  • Reverse takeover of "Shun Cheong Holdings Limited" (650.HK), predecessor of the Company, was completed, with HK$2.94 billion raised and previous hotel business disposed.

    Upon completion, the Company has acquired the Inner Mongolia oilfield asset.

  • The Company issued new shares to Foxconn and raised HK$1.49 billion. Foxconn became the 2nd largest shareholder with shareholding of approximately 24.37%.

  • The Company issued new shares to Snow Lake Capital. Snow Lake Capital became the 3rd largest shareholder.

  • Dr. Liu Erzhuang was appointed to lead the Company to initiate its equipment business in semiconductor and solar power industries.

  • The Company has received purchase order for 2 systems of semiconductor equipment.